Opinion Hunter, an online community established on July 2016, is a place where we share our ideas, views and opinions to the world. There are tons of well published articles composed by incredibly talented writers and professionals from around the world, and yet we are lacking of the stories which truly show real life experiences of average people living in the real world, not just theoretically or based on case studies.

In response to this phenomena, we created this platform with a mission to give every individual a chance to share their opinions, could be views of current political or economics situations, could be critics of existing business tactics, or even personal views of other topics, such as about health and fitness, travelling, etc. We believe that everybody’s opinion matters, and each individual masterpiece should be presented to the world.

Therefore, we are actively looking for passionate writers who would like to share their ideas, views and opinions in any kind of topics. If you are the kind of persons who would like to share opinions and ideas on the blog, please contact us and become one of the authors on Opinion Hunter!

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